How to stick a sticker on a car, on a wall, on a T-shirt


To secure the sticker perfectly flat and securely:

1. Prepare the surface. It must be absolutely free from dirt, grease and moisture. It is best to use alcohol or a designated cleaner for cleaning.

2. Ensure maximum smoothness of the sticker on the surface. It is best to do this with a squeegee or plastic card.

3. Place the decal along with the backing paper in the desired location and secure the edges with tape.

4. Slowly and gently peel off the patterned clear film from the backing paper and cut a piece of backing from one side.


5. Without resting the film entirely on the surface, carefully smooth it from the center to the edge with a squeegee or plastic card so that there are no air bubbles between the machine surface and the printed film.

6. Peel off the film in exactly the same order and remove the paper backing from the other side, smooth the film by sticking it to the car surface.

7. Carefully peel off the mounting tape so that the details of the pattern remain on the surface.

8. Done!