Custom stickers

Our company offers a service to all those who need vinyl film stickers that are used to decorate any smooth surfaces.

The main plus of vinyl is – strength and unpretentiousness. She tolerates well:

Small contour stickers are extremely easy to install – any car enthusiast or store administrator can easily stick it on the glass of a car or shop window with his own hands.

Contour stickers can be placed on any flat surfaces – walls, windows, doors, information stands, glass and car body parts. They adhere equally well to metal, glass, wood, concrete, plastic. The only exception is – rough surfaces (limestone, Venetian plaster, unplastered brick or block wall), good adhesion is not possible there. It is not necessary to place vinyl stickers on expensive wallpapers and cork wall covering – it will be almost impossible to remove the sticker without damaging the wall covering.

Layout requirements:

1. The layout must be provided in vector format (cdr): CorelDraw (9-13).

2. Sticker layout scale - 1:1.

3.All fonts must be converted to curves.

4. The sketch should not have open and intersecting contours, all lines should have the smallest thickness (Hairline).

5. Minimum letter height in layout - 5 мм.

6. Minimum line width in layout - 2 мм.

7. When duplicating identical stickers on a sheet of film, the gap between the stickers should be at least 3 мм.

8. Files should be arranged for plotter cutting, taking into account: the size of the material, the width of the cut field, allowances for the roller holders (20 mm on the sides, 150 mm on the top and bottom).

9. When drawing up a layout for plotter cutting, it must be borne in mind that the working width of the plotter is 1300 mm (cutting width 1200 mm).

Describe your wishes


We will make a layout of the sticker for you, send you a link with the layout by mail so that you can immediately order and pay for it.